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Penny Stock Pickers



Top Rated Penny Stock Picker:



Best Penny Alerts

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What it Promises:

Best Penny Alerts is one of the few specific penny stock picker programs on the market today. It promises to deliver profitable cheap stock alerts right to you, effectively taking the difficulty out of investing because the time consuming analytical legwork is done for you, leaving you the task of simply investing accordingly, thus leveling out the playing field for first time and busier investors.

How it Works:

When you buy the product you're essentially signing up for an email tip list through which you receive penny stock tips regularly. It finds soon to be well performing stocks by looking for behavior similarities from well performing stocks of the past in current stocks. This is the most reliable method for anticipating market behavior and the same used by professional traders as once you find an overlap in behavior in a current stock you have a blueprint for exactly how it will act.

Because this is solely a penny stock picker, you're dealing exclusively in cheap, volatile investments, thusly increasing the profit potential but also shrinking the windows in which you're trading in, sometimes over the course of a few minutes or hours even.

What they don't tell you on the website is the other half of what causes these stocks to explode in value is that the entire list is receiving and likely investing in these picks just like you. Given that cheaper stocks like these take much less outside trading influence to send their prices soaring or plummeting, with the strength of a health collective of traders investing all at once, these stocks are even more profitable because of this.

Of course this means that once it tapers off, most of the traders will jump ship all at once, causing the price to plummet. You've also got to take into account the investors who aren't privy to the list and will invest shortly after they see it skyrocket in value from the power of the list.

The main thing to take away is that so long as you keep your emotions in check and invest with a clear head and have a few chances throughout the day to routinely check in on your investment, you can and should get out ahead of the rest to secure reliable profits.

Refer to the video below for a testimonial video taken from their website.

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User Reviews:

DON'T BE GREEDY! 100% agree with what's been said on that. I must admit it's easier said than done to keep a cool head... The website and talking girl are a bit cheesy, they don't do the software itself justice.

-Noel, Florida 5/5

Works very well for me. Just receive and move your money around accordingly, couldn't be simpler.

-Jeremy, KY 4.5/5

Overall Rating:

Given the completely positive reviews, an 8 week money back guarantee, an extremely low refund rate, as well as its reliability and uniqueness of being one of the only specific penny stock picker programs available today, we give this program an overall 5 out of 5.


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#2 Rated Penny Stock Picker:



Penny Stock Prophet

Penny Stock Prophet Logo

What it Promises:

Penny Stock Prophet is another one of the few specific penny stock picker programs, meaning again that it only targets cheap stocks and delivers these picks to you via email.

How it Works:

This program works like Best Penny Alerts in that it's a specific penny stock picker program which uses its behavioral comparison algorithms to find high probability trading opportunities within cheap stocks and, once found, it sends that alert out to the entire list of members.

Because of this, like with other stock lists, you have the strength of an entire list behind its picks which accounts for some of why its picks perform so well so quickly.

This program relies more heavily on its mailing list and less on actual well performing analytically plucked stock picks which some traders who are not able to act as quickly may not appreciate as much.

Additional Resources:
User Reviews:

Having read your initial review, I agree with the comments made, especially the bit about getting out early and controlling your emotions. If you get in a trade at the beginning and exit well before the tower begins to tumble you can reliably make regular profits. The important part is leaving your greed and emotions behind you, I can't stress that enough.

-Brett, Michigan 4.5/5

Two things guide investors in the stock market: greed and fear. I don't know how much "algorithms" or smart and superior technology drives the picks from this picker, but the fact remains that sheer volume and wagon trading drive the prices up quick. Keep a level head and you can get in and out in the black.

-Timothy, California 4/5

You're basically buying priviledged information and the luxury of getting in on these picks before the "bandwagon" traders as someone else mentioned out there who, make no mistake about it, will jump on. Get out at the start of or in the midst of that second "wave" and this is an invaluable trading tool.

-Marcus, Alberta 4/5


Overall Rating:

Given the predominantly positive reviews, an 8 week money back guarantee, an extremely low refund rate, as well as it's sole focus on cheap stocks, we give this program an overall 4 out of 5.


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